Title: Modelling plasma and neutral gas dynamics in tokamak divertors and linear divertor simulators

Speaker: Egbert Westerhof (DIFFER)
Time: Nov 28, 2019, 10:00–11:00
Location: Differ, Alexander-zaal

In any fusion energy reactor the hot plasma from the core of the reactor, where the fusion reactions occur, must be cooled down before it comes into contact with the reactor wall. In a magnetic confinement fusion reactor like a tokamak, the plasma flowing along the magnetic field lines outside the so-called ‘last-closed-flux-surface’ is diverted towards target plates well separated from the main plasma. Such a magnetic topology is called a divertor and allows to localize the plasma material interaction to a region where it can be controlled in order to prevent wall materials from entering the core plasma. In this presentation I will address the modelling of the plasma and neutral gas dynamics in tokamak divertors and in linear divertor simulators. I will present some of the main research and development issues that are being addressed for the design of a viable fusion energy reactor.

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