Immersed boundary method for multiscale transport simulation in complex domains.

Speaker: Bernard Geurts (Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Dept. Applied Mathematics, UTwente)
Time: March 1, 2018, 10:00–11:00
Location: Differ, Alexander-zaal

The understanding and exploitation of convective and dissipative transport in complex domains is a field of growing interest. Applications that come to mind are future heat batteries in which an effective exchange of an external flow with a porous matrix is crucial, fractal stirrers allowing for a strong intensification of mixing processes or 3D-printed wick structures for optimal passive heat transfer in phase-change systems. In all these applications, the flow of a continuum in a spatially complex domain is at the heart of the problem. This brings together challenges in the field of modeling multiphase systems, possibly with phase change effects, as well as, solving the resulting differential equation models in highly complex domains.

In the presentation, I will concentrate on immersed-boundary-type methods with which domains with an intricate structure can be represented efficiently and which allow an accurate and flexible numerical solution of the governing equations. This approach will be discussed in some detail and subsequently illustrated for a number of important applications. First, we turn our attention to flow through cylinders with embedded fractal orifices. The increase in (laminar) mixing efficiency which this configuration allows will be quantified for a range of fractal shapes. An excursion to enhanced control over chemical processes in a turbulent flow will be included. Subsequently, flow through fibrous porous media and associated heat transfer, are presented in which the dynamics is fully resolved down to the pore-scale. The permeability of a sample porous plug will be computed and compared directly to physical experiments.

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