An atomistic understanding of the good and bad of the metal halide perovskites for solar energy.

Speaker: Shuxia Tao (CCER)
Time: Jan. 18, 2018, 10:00–11:00
Location: Differ

The rapid improvement of perovskite solar cells has made them the rising star of the photovoltaics world and of huge interest to the academic community. The efficiency of solar cells based on hybrid perovskites has rapidly increased from an initial promising value of 9% in 2012 to over 22% in 2016, making this the fastest-advancing solar technology to date. Since their materials and operational methods are still relatively new, there is great opportunity for further research into the basic physics and chemistry around perovskites. The object of my talk is to give a brief introduction of this exciting field and to zoom in to the atomistic understanding of the composition-structure-property relation of perovskite materials. I will discuss the progress, challenges and opportunities in this field using a combination of latest literature and examples of our own research.

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