Post-Doctoral Researcher

Ilker Tezsevin earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (Turkey). During his Ph.D., he worked on the computational investigation of the reaction mechanism of propylene partial oxidation, and design of a new catalyst for higher propylene oxide selectivity. His Ph.D. project was a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology and Middle East Technical University and he performed half of his studies in the Netherlands. His postdoctoral research focuses on the computational modeling and design of new catalytic materials for the efficient production of renewable fuels.

About CCER

The Center for Computational Energy Research  aims to explore pathways to future energy systems. This is done via computational simulations that complement experimental energy research. The center was founded in 2017 as the result of a joint initiative between the Department of Applied Physics of the Eindhoven University of Technology and NWO Institute DIFFER.

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